Shipping FAQ

Due to the overwhelming number of e-mails we receive regarding shipping, we’ve compiled these questions and answers for you. Please do not mail us with these questions, since we will direct you here due to time constraints.

Can I get a quote on [this item] on eBay?

We do not quote shipping and handling charges on any eBay items, unless you are the winner of an item. Due to time and manpower constraints, we only give quotes to people who have successfully won something in one of our eBay auctions.

How do I check out via Marketplaceadvisor?

Go to the following address:

Once there, fill out the appropriate information and the system will pull up your invoice.

Can I combine items over various weeks of auctions?

Yes, you can do so, if the auctions are close together (such as Week 3 and Week 4). To make sure everything gets on one invoice and packed together (if applicable, since some items need to be shipped separately due to sizes), simply go through our checkout process at MarketWorks here.

How long do I have to pay for the item once I’ve won it?

Payment for the items must be done within 7 days via our MarketWorks checkout.