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Even in a technologically advanced society such as that depicted in Battlestar Galactca, one can never escape paperwork. And, of course, there must be a place to put all that paperwork.

Throughout Galactica (and the other battlestars, on the occasions that their interiors have been seen) one will note various color coded binders.

One such set is lot 622 in the auction, which is a compilation of 9 different types of Galactica binders.

Lot 622 in the First Auction... a set of 9 distinct binders from Galactica.

Mostly, the silver spine binders will be found in CIC. The red spine binders are typically found in the married quarters, such as Colonel Tigh’s or the Agathon’s. Clear gray and black spines are more rare, and typically dress other sets, and the yellow spine binders are found in CIC or the Hangar Bay (depending, of course, on how they’re stickered). The FTL binder is also rare and meant for looking up the processes and minutae of the ship’s FTL system.

A blue FTL and a yellow CIC binder near the FTL console, as seen in the Miniseries, before the jump to Rangar Anchorage.

The Munitions binder, which is the red binder with the yellow decals on the spine, is briefly seen in the Miniseries as Tigh looks at the manifest for Ragnar Anchorage. (And, yes, the binder does have the inventory sheets from Ragnar Anchorage in it.)

Colonel Tigh with the Munitions Binder.



2 Responses to “Galactica Binders”

  1. Will Bueche on January 12th, 2009 5:54 pm

    The kind of binder that is used (slightly modified) as props are made by Keba, and they’re from Sweden. They are the “KEBAergo” model. I believe the show used the letter-sized 3-ring version, although the 4-ring A4-sized version is what is typically sold in Europe. The most commonly used binder on the show, the binder with the silver edge, is the yellow-spine w/ black-covers version, painted silver. You can see the yellow leaking through the silver paint where it is worn. I’ve also seen at least one of Keba’s KEBAfrost model on the show, which has a frosted clear cover rather than black. So far I haven’t located any distributors in North America, but this would be an easy prop to recreate if a source can be found.

  2. Christopher Makris on February 15th, 2010 5:47 pm

    @Will: The Keba binders to which you refer became available in the US again in Dec 2009 at

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