Baltar Election Propaganda

September 7, 2008 · Print This Article

First, I must apologize for the lack of new props and paperwork items, however Alec had an important announcement regarding the dates of the auctions and we wanted to keep that information on the top of the new blog list for a few days. And if you did not see that information, here it is.

Now that hopefully everyone has read it, we’re continuing with our series of “paper” props that are pretty frakking awesome. These paper props should be interesting, considering that this is an election year in the United States, and some of you have seen some smear campaigns and the word “change” bandied about indiscriminately.

In the Galactica universe, the two-parter for the Season 2 finale, “Lay Down Your Burdens“, sees Baltar running for president. As we see before the debates, Baltar is in his lab, where he is surrounded by stacks of flyers and pamphlets for his presidential bid. Here are a few pieces from that set… and some pieces that we can see later on after his successful bid, particularly the stuff in Gina‘s quarters on Cloud Nine.



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    [...] series will be auctioned off each week as new episodes air. How about some election propaganda for Baltar’s presidency? A Viper pilot helmet from the Cylon Wars? A model of the Cylon Resurrection ship? Your own DRADIS [...]

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