Arrow of Apollo

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Kara Thrace takes the iconic Arrow of Apollo from the Delphi Museum on Caprica, just before being attacked by a Six.

There are some iconic props in this auction, and the ones that usually strike a chord with fans are the ones that are the focus of an important story or scene.  Starting in Season 1′s two-part season finale, “Kobol’s Last Gleaming” and well into the first quarter of Season Two, the Arrow of Apollo was the focal point of the story arc where Starbuck steals the captured Cylon Raider and goes back to Caprica to find the Arrow of Apollo, which President Roslin hopes will help guide the fleet to Earth.  This leads to one of the best cat fights in years as Six beats up on Starbuck, until Six falls into a pit and directly upon an upright piece of rebar. After this fight-and after meeting up with her future husband, Samuel T. Anders, Starbuck with Helo and the Sharon later known as “Athena” escape back to the fleet.  The arrow later helps activate the Tomb of Athena, which is the home of a galactic planetarium to show Adama and crew the path to Earth via constellations and astronomical phenomenon.

Lots 482 and 483 are the two fantastic props from these episodes.  Lot 482 is the metal “hero” Arrow and lot 483 is the rubber stunt version used in
the fight scenes.  Many props will have a “hero” version, which means that it is created with close ups in mind.  It is usually made of better material, may light up, or work in some way.  “Stunt” versions are either back-ups or made to be used in action scenes where either the prop or the actors needed to be protected.  In this fight scene, the arrow was thrown around a bit, so the rubber version saw a lot of screen time.  Both are “screen-used.”

There are a handful or props that are iconic, and the arrow is one of those.

You can bid on the Hero Arrow here:

And the Stunt Arrow here:



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